Cross Promotions

Us traders in Tunbridge Wells are very good when it comes to cross-promoting each other.

We are very proactive when it comes to working together.

1) Annual Wedding Event – we work with local businesses who who are in the wedding industry and invite them to come and exhibit with us for a week in the spring. The Barn, Victoria Longhurst, Cut Above Productions, Austin Reed, SW1 Hair & Beauty, Kerry McNair, Susie Watson Designs, Judy Mott, ER Hickmott, The Wishing Tree and more all gathered for an amazing event. Subsequently we all recommend each other when we have any wedding enquiries. We may have a few special deals if there is a successful referral. For example we offer a 15% discount on wedding rings if one of our colleagues refers a couple.

2) Our friend Helen at TN Beauty has also joined forces with us by offering a discounted Luxury Gel Manicure on presentation of a voucher we issue to anyone who has either purchased a ring, or has had some work carried on an existing ring. And anyone who has a luxury manicure with Helen benefits from a voucher to have their ring cleaned with us and inspected to check if all the stones are safe and secure. 

3) We were one of the first businesses to sign up to and support the new Tunbridge Wells shopping loyalty app – Stamp It – designed and owned by our good friend Gabrielle who is also a founder member of the Tunbridge Wells Retail Group, another group that we participate with and support. The app is designed to boost footfall on the streets and reward our customers as they shop! Similar to your little coffee cards you keep in your pockets, this app does away for the need to keep these. Just have your phone stamped at the participating retailers and businesses and earn points as you go. (T’s & C’s apply)

4) We’ve helped to bring together the High Street/Chapel Place/Grove Hill Road traders with the introduction of a High Street group, providing a dedicated facebook page, twitter account and very soon a new website. We help to coordinate events such as a Special Christmas Late Night Shopping Evening, Easter Egg Treasure Hunt, Charity Events and much more.

5) The December Art Trail is brought to you by our friends at Artists Unveiled. A brilliant idea which we hope will grow into an annual event in Tunbridge Wells. Throughout December 2014 you can follow a map of the town to find great local art works in some of the more unusual places. Ever seen the smallest art gallery in Kent at Perk & Pearl Coffee house on Grove Hill Road? Well that’s just the start! Look out for the map coming soon and take yourself on a cultural journey to many new locations you may never have thought to go to to find art!

6) This year’s Christmas in Tunbridge Wells campaign is being run by Nicky at the Royal Victoria Place shopping centre, member of the Tunbridge Wells Retail Group, and she is coordinating all areas of the town to come together for an amazing Christmas shopping experience. 

There are so many opportunities out there work together and by doing so we will make Tunbridge Wells the best shopping destination in Kent!



Kent Wedding Awards 2014


We are so proud to announce that we are finalists in this year’s Kent Wedding Awards!

These awards are unique to Kent, and focus totally on the couples, venues, services and suppliers involved in organising weddings within our county.

Each year over 7000 couples choose Kent – the ‘Garden of England’ as the perfect place to get married in and almost every couple will select local venues & suppliers to ensure that their special day runs smoothly.

Our category is Wedding Rings and the final award ceremony is on Thursday 13th November.

We will let you know how we get on!

NEW – Tunbridge Wells Loyalty Scheme – StampIt App

What was happening outside Payne & Son Jewellers yesterday morning???? It was a gathering of all the retailers to have signed up to the new Tunbridge Wells StampIt app designed by Gabrielle Argent & Prudence Buckley. It will be launched on 19th September and will be downloadable for free from Apple and Google Play stores. The aim is to promote Tunbridge Wells as a destination for eating, entertainment and shopping.


It has been developed to boost footfall and reward regular customers to Tunbridge Wells. An events calendar is synchronised within the app. Customers can find incentives, promotions and deals available from their favourite places and get rewarded for staying loyal. They get a virtual STAMP each time they buy, leading to a loyalty reward such as a free coffee, discount or up-sell promotion.

It is “Tunbridge Wells in the palm of your hand” but it’s for bricks and mortar redemption only.  It’s the Must Have loyalty app!

Each business featured can tailor promotions to seasonal demand. Geo-location is a feature of STAMP IT but at present is only set up for the High Street.

Customers collect loyalty stamps over time, giving them a vested interest in returning to redeem.

Some retailers are cross promoting with other retailers to add value to the shopper. Others are giving discounts or up-selling. The choice of loyalty rewards is up to each individual retailer. It just needs to be compelling to encourage customers through the door.

From the app menu, customers can telephone, email, locate, pay for parking and redeem offers. 

The app is synchronised with PaybyPhone’s mobile site for hassle free parking & extension of parking time. 

Door stickers and postcards are supplied to retailers to highlight their subscription and use in store.

Publicity and advertising will be paid for from subscriptions. The purpose is for STAMP IT to be self-liquidating for the benefit of the community.


Louise Walker



 With a design background fixated with pushing the boundaries of functional objects, Louise’s fascination with how we view & interact with an object continues with her exploration to adorn the body. Jewellery allows her to explore the human form & behaviour more intimately. Using her pure, linear design aesthetic Louise chooses to celebrate the body’s form, creating tactile, asymmetric landscapes. These playful lines, combined with the softness of freshwater pearls are a fresh take on contemporary jewellery.



Born into a large & vibrant family, where social dining & the importance of good food has always been a large part of life, Louise’s passion for designing fun yet functional silverware has been strongly influenced by shared family life.

Presently her fixation plays with common designs, combining comparable objects, then rethinking them to subtly create new interpretations. Therefore, challenging how you perceive and use her work. This can result in a new relationship between user and object, interactions between diners & elements of entertainment.


In Walker’s designs, functionalism meets reinterpretation, creating a modern collection of domestic objects, expressing a visually sleek-geometric language. Her designs aim to change our behaviour and interaction with the everyday object, through exploration and enjoyment.

Walker’s distinctive design ethos is elegantly represented through a rare connection of opposing metals and purity of material; working with the contrast of silver & stainless steel. This exclusive process offers Walker a true signature, as she challenges herself to produce beautifully crafted contemporary objects.


Stuart Jenkins



This has been pushing Stuart’s work of late, the “how do you open this?”, “what is it for?” types of question. Rings with hinges that once opened, but are rivetted shut, knots tied in the ends of spoon handles, boxes that have to be ‘figured out’ before opening! Coming from both a fine art, and decorative art based back ground, Stuart has always felt that objects should be a feast for the eye, and also engage the mind. Contrast is used to create a visual palette, rough with smooth, texture with polished, black with white, the silver becomes a painterly and sculptural material, in which the surface retains all evidence of the creative act.


Stuart’s artistic training has been rich and diverse, following the path of both fine art and the decorative arts Whilst studying for a fine art foundation course, he was introduced to the world of silversmithing, jewellery making, and craftsmanship, by a local, leading British silversmith, Michael Bolton. An informal apprenticeship taught him techniques of the past, to combine with design ideas, for the future. After graduating from Bretton Hall University College in 1997, with a first class honours degree in fine art (painting), Stuart moved to London, setting up a workshop, enabling him to slowly start making up his own collection, whilst working as a freelance maker for other jewellers. After 8 years he then moved down to West Sussex. Setting up his studio, from were he now works, creating items of jewellery and silverware, to adorn the body, heart and mind. “Many pieces born from an idea quickly scrawled on a piece of paper, sometimes from an image held in my minds eye, then worked out cold at the workbench, where it takes on a life of it’s own. Creating pieces in silver is very satisfying and rewarding, because it is such a forgiving material. It can be shaped, worked, and pushed as far as you are willing to take it! The surface retains all evidence of the creative act, and becomes a document of it’s own history. When you see a piece years after you have made it, it becomes even better! Through wearing, a piece gets knocked, marked, and aged, adding to its beauty, its history. Inspiration and ideas comes from many places, nature, man-made objects, architecture, wind worn surfaces, waiting for trains and looking up at the station ceilings; but mostly they come from the shear joy that is the creative act.”


Samantha Moore


Northern Ireland based contemporary silversmith Sam Moore graduated in 2009 from her BA (hons) Fine and Applied Art in the University of Ulster.


Working under the tutelage of renowned Goldsmith Graham Harron, Sam has enjoyed success early in her career having work exhibited with the V&A, The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths and the National Trust.

Working mainly to commission, her range is extensive, from bespoke engagement and wedding rings and fine jewellery, to awards and trophies, chains of office and ecclesiastic silver.




Charlotte Tollyfield

Silversmith Charlotte Tollyfield is based in Sheffield in a vibrant community of contemporary and traditional artisans, in the heart of the city’s cultural quarter. She graduated from Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College in 2007 to take up a one year residency at the Bishopsland workshop, near Reading. Charlotte then returned to her home town of Sheffield to take a place on Yorkshire Artspace’s Starter Studio Programme for Designer Silversmiths.


Charlotte is passionate about silver. She believes the excitement of starting a new project, the challenges that you encounter during the making process and the delight of holding and looking at the finished object delivers a job satisfaction like no other.


During her year at the Bishopsland workshop, she began to focus on the process of forming, destroying and re-creating three-dimensional vessels. This particular process allowed her to discover a new twist to recognisable geometric structures and create a distinctive style that conveys the strength and beauty of these apparently simple forms,    enhanced by silver’s ability to create soft curves and acute angles.


Her current work is designed for the interactive environment of the dining table where the silver is not just on display but also something to be actively used. The work has both a visual and tactile     appeal, causing the viewer to look with their hands as well as their eyes.