Karina Gill

Karina Gill is a contemporary silversmith who has been making unique sculptural bowls for over fifteen years.


Karina studied at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design where she gained her BA (Hons) in Three Dimensional Design in metal work. Since completing her degree in 1996 she has built up her business from her workshop in Dorset, where she designs and makes her etched silver bowls.

Her distinctive, collectible bowls will create an intriguing talking point wherever they are placed, with each piece being crafted from a single piece of metal.


Influenced by organic repetition in nature, print-making and textiles, Karina’s creations are objects to be loved for generations. Free-hand acid etching creates a unique, heavily textured yet delicate surface, giving each piece a tactile quality.

Find out more about Karina’s range and all her upcoming exhibitions on her website, karinagill.co.uk






Silver Moonbow

I am Mary Rimmer and I make all the Silver Moonbow jewellery. I live in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, with my husband and young daughter. I am a qualified Art Clay Instructor.

Leaf Earrings

I have loved making jewellery since I was a young child when I used to spend hours making bead necklaces, usually to ‘sell’ to my mother.  I enjoyed creating pieces using beads and polymer clay. In 2010 I came across art clay silver and knew I just had to find out more about this amazing medium.  I booked myself on a beginner course and have never looked back.

I hope you enjoy browsing through the range of jewellery featured.  Every piece I sell is handmade, so no two pieces will ever be the same. What will be a constant is that each piece has been crafted with passion and love.

Making a piece of silver jewellery has many stages: the silver clay is formed or moulded and once dry it is sanded, then kiln fired and polished. It is a time consuming and labour intensive process.  For the fused glass, I hand pick and then cut each piece of glass, then fuse in my kiln – it can take 8 hours from start to finish in the kiln, so it’s hard for me to temper my impatience at times.  My resin jewellery range also tests my patience as it takes 24 – 72 hours to ‘cure’ and harden, so once again it’s a long and painstaking process.

Much of my work reflects my love of the sea and the natural world. I am looking to develop new ranges all the time, so do look for updates that will appear here from time to time. I have over the last 6 months started making fused glass and resin pieces, and am currently starting to work with copper, so that will be added soon.

I am a Level One Art Clay Instructor, so I can teach silver clay, and will be running some classes in the near future. 

Rebecca Anne Boldra

  Rebecca-Anne Boldra is inspired by the world around her, particularly architectural forms. Her designs explore the contrast between straight lines and flowing curves to aid her exploration of functionality and its effect on the concept of beauty.


Rebecca-Anne studied for her degree at the School of Jewellery part of Birmingham City University. Subsequently,in the Summer of 2011, Rebecca-Anne started a residency at the renown Bishopsland Educational Trust which is based outside Reading. Here she completed their Post-graduate development course in Jewellery and Silversmithing and became a Fellow.  After Bishopland Rebecca-Anne has been an Artist in Residence at Glasgow School of Art during the past academic year.


Hannah Felicity Dunne

I studied a HND in ‘Jewellery and Applied Arts’ in Manchester and then went on to complete a degree in ‘Metalwork and Jewellery’ at Sheffield Hallam University.  I graduated in 2009 and set up my workshop in North Somerset shortly after.

 Bubble Candle Holder

My work is a range of sculptural and bold silverware and jewellery.  Most pieces are hammered from flat silver sheet using the techniques of hollowing, hand raising and planishing to create a three dimensional form.  Chasing punches or textured hammers are used to apply different surface finishes to the object.  I use many of the same tools and textured hammers to create both the large silverware pieces and the jewellery.


I use a sketchbook to initially plan my pieces but truly they come to life through the making process, I am very hand’s on experimental with my material.  Rather than trying to control the outcome I allow my material and tools to guide me through the making, my subconscious takes over the design.


I am very visual my work is about form and texture as well as function.  It is important to me to get out and see new places to refresh my head.  Much of my visual diary has come from the highlands of Scotland where I visit regularly.  With the Bulbous and Boulders collection, I had looked a lot at the idea of a foreign object attaching itself to another or taking over it completely, in this case barnacles on rocks, sometimes there are just a few and other times they smother the rock face.  My first Bulbous pieces had areas of smooth planished silver contrasted with the bobbly forms.  Later I started making pieces where the bobbly forms consumed the whole surface of the object.  The Boulders pieces really followed on from this but for me they show more of the strength of character of the highlands.

 Bulbous Side Bowl

There is still much to come from the influence of the highlands in my work but it is certainly not the only place I look to for inspiration.  I also love old buildings and ruins, crumbling walls and castles.  My interests lie with the ancient and old, things with a visual history.  I like the idea of the rugged and earthy, something simply dug up from the ground.


Summer Of Silver

Payne and Son_10x4_ToTW_27May-page-001

Yes it’s here again! 

Our third year of the Summer Of Silver Exhibition!!

This year we have some amazing exhibitors, some you may already have seen in our windows, some are new and innovative designs, and a couple this year are very local indeed!

On the line up this year:

Rebecca Joselyn

Hannah Felicity Dunne

Steve Wager

Ray Walton

Lexi Dick

Louise Walker

Padgham & Putland

Karina Gill

Stuart Jenkins

Gill Bridgestock

Twisted Silver Studio

Rebecca-Anne Boldra

Kathryn Hinton

Martyn Pugh

Silver Moonbow

Phew…………………..Now, they’re exhibiting at different times throughout the summer so if you’d like to see a particular designer please just call us for the schedule.

lp (1)

lp (2)

All exhibition pieces are for sale and prices start from around £50.00 for silver jewellery up to a few thousand for some major signature pieces. Please feel free to come in and browse, we will be very pleased to see you and show you some brilliant designers.


Introducing The Zelli Collection

We now have in stock a wonderful new range of sterling silver jewellery.

Inspired by Italian design, this collection includes finishes in both .925 sterling silver and .925 sterling silver gilt. Gilt refers to the silver being plated in a thin coating of gold. 

Currently the range consists of necklaces and bracelets. Some are diamond set and some set with cubic zirconia (CZ).

Prices start at £60.00. 

Wide, Flat Sterling Silver and Silver Gilt Necklaces

Wide, Flat Sterling Silver and Silver Gilt Necklaces

Sterling Silver and Silver Gilt Bangles

Sterling Silver and Silver Gilt Bangles

Sterrling Silver and Silver Gilt Bracelets

Sterrling Silver and Silver Gilt Bracelets

Silver Gilt Bangle Set With CZ's

Silver Gilt Bangle Set With CZ’s


St Francis of Assisi

The election of Pope Francis and his installation on March 19th 2013 have caused huge interest around the world, so this seems an ideal opportunity to remind you that our collection of die-struck medallions designed by Paul Vincze includes this beautifully sculpted representation of St. Francis of Assisi, which is available in two sizes, 16mm and 22mm diameter.

The other Saints featured in the collection are Madonna and Child, St. Anthony, St. George and, of course, St. Christopher who remains immensely popular and is uniquely available in four sizes, 16mm, 22mm, 27mm and 32mm.

For more information on Paul Vincze, please visit our website www.payneandsonjewellers.co.uk,  the superb collection of zodiac medallions which are available in 16mm, 22mm and 32mm diameters.


Born in Hungary but later becoming a British citizen, Paul Vincze was one of the most original, influential and artisitic sculptor-medallists of the 20th Century, winning commissions to design commemmorative medallions and coinage for use the World over. Among his many notable subjects were Presidents Truman and Kennedy, Pope Paul Vl and Sir Winston Churchill, and in 1953 he was requested to design one of the official medals for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth ll, Her Majesty sitting for him during several sessions.

During the course of his long and fascinating lifetime, many more historic events and famous characters were to be celebrated in medal form, including the successful Apollo ll landing on the moon in 1969, and the anniversaries of the births of William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Beethoven and Haydn.

In 1991 we were both honoured and delighted when he offered  the dies for his Signs of the Zodiac, Madonna, Saint Christopher and other medallions, which he had started to manufacture in the 1950’s. These beautiful medallions, most of which bear Paul Vincze’s signature, and are entirely faithful to his original style. Struck in various sizes as gold charms, pendants, or key chains, with selected lines also available in silver with an oxidised finish, the designs are classic and timeless in their appeal.