Twisted Silver

Spoon and fork rings are known to have originated in England during the 17th century and were used as alternative wedding bands. Servants who could not afford precious metals resorted to stealing silverware from their employers and crafted them into wedding rings. Those caught were prosecuted for theft, and transported to become early settlers in Australia.

My studio is my sanctuary.  It is my escape from the real world, often for only a short periods of time.  It is the envy of many of my friends and customers.  It is a mess to others but creative space to me.

I started making cutlery jewellery about 15 years ago.  My first ring was made for my husband, then a few more friends  wanted one, then a few more.  When I first officially started the TWISTED SILVER STUDIO, I had more orders than cutlery.
One of the joys of doing this type of silversmithing is making jewellery from a customers own supply.  People bring me their silver cutlery,  just odd pieces handed down to them from generations past.  They sit forgotten in boxes and drawers.
get sold for scrap and never used because you have to polish them.
Every week I make jewellery that can be worn now and passed to future generations to wear and enjoy.  Each piece is unique to the wearer and often a constant reminder of someone special.  I can date each piece.  

Contact me by phone and come and visit the studio to discuss what I can make for you 07973 549919 or e.mail

Kathryn Hinton

As a silversmith I have spent time learning the traditional skills involved in working with silver and other materials to create work that explores and celebrates the ideas of traditional craft.  While studying at the Royal College of Art I was able to develop my design ideas and learn about new technologies which I combine to design and make silverware.

My work focuses on merging traditional silversmithing techniques with digital technology. While studying at the Royal College of Art I developed a user interface in the form of a hammer that works alongside computer aided design (CAD) software to mimic the physical actions of silversmithing, in particular the hammering process used in forming sheet metal.  The faceted silverware and jewellery is designed using CAD and realised using processes such as Computer Numerical Control (CNC) milling and press forming and rapid prototyping and casting.

The exhausted silverware collection is made using traditional hand techniques such as raising and forging. The pieces are designed based on the idea of function with a playful element as they take the form of the tableware they exhausted onto.

Britannia Silver

Britannia Silver

Summer Of Silver

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Yes it’s here again! 

Our third year of the Summer Of Silver Exhibition!!

This year we have some amazing exhibitors, some you may already have seen in our windows, some are new and innovative designs, and a couple this year are very local indeed!

On the line up this year:

Rebecca Joselyn

Hannah Felicity Dunne

Steve Wager

Ray Walton

Lexi Dick

Louise Walker

Padgham & Putland

Karina Gill

Stuart Jenkins

Gill Bridgestock

Twisted Silver Studio

Rebecca-Anne Boldra

Kathryn Hinton

Martyn Pugh

Silver Moonbow

Phew…………………..Now, they’re exhibiting at different times throughout the summer so if you’d like to see a particular designer please just call us for the schedule.

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All exhibition pieces are for sale and prices start from around £50.00 for silver jewellery up to a few thousand for some major signature pieces. Please feel free to come in and browse, we will be very pleased to see you and show you some brilliant designers.