Louise Walker



 With a design background fixated with pushing the boundaries of functional objects, Louise’s fascination with how we view & interact with an object continues with her exploration to adorn the body. Jewellery allows her to explore the human form & behaviour more intimately. Using her pure, linear design aesthetic Louise chooses to celebrate the body’s form, creating tactile, asymmetric landscapes. These playful lines, combined with the softness of freshwater pearls are a fresh take on contemporary jewellery.



Born into a large & vibrant family, where social dining & the importance of good food has always been a large part of life, Louise’s passion for designing fun yet functional silverware has been strongly influenced by shared family life.

Presently her fixation plays with common designs, combining comparable objects, then rethinking them to subtly create new interpretations. Therefore, challenging how you perceive and use her work. This can result in a new relationship between user and object, interactions between diners & elements of entertainment.


In Walker’s designs, functionalism meets reinterpretation, creating a modern collection of domestic objects, expressing a visually sleek-geometric language. Her designs aim to change our behaviour and interaction with the everyday object, through exploration and enjoyment.

Walker’s distinctive design ethos is elegantly represented through a rare connection of opposing metals and purity of material; working with the contrast of silver & stainless steel. This exclusive process offers Walker a true signature, as she challenges herself to produce beautifully crafted contemporary objects.


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