Rachel Elizabeth Wood

The horse as a symbol of strength, beauty, status, freedom and power forms the basis of an underlying narrative and is central to Rachel Elizabeth Wood’s work.

close up trophy

Rachel combines wood and silver with intricate detail and abstract shapes to create a diverse collection of pieces that range from sculptural to more commercial wares. Since Launching Rachel Elizabeth Wood as a brand, she has become one of the leading young contemporary British Jeweller/silversmiths. Her work has attracted interest from a variety of prestigious institutions, including The Goldsmiths Company and the V&A. The British Museum selected one piece, a trophy, to include in their celebration of the horse exhibition as part of Queen Elizabeth 11 Diamond Jubilee Celebrations. In 2013 Rachel went on to win The Hope creative Business Award for her innovative designs and business acumen.

Rachel see’s jewellery and silversmithing as a chance to be free and express herself as a designer. She wants to push the boundaries of what has been before and have usable objects that are sculptures in their own rights.


Rachel’s work is all handmade in her Lancashire based studio overlooking the west Pennine moors. She specialises in wax carving with most of her models being done from memory with a selection of tiny steel knives. It is extremely important to Rachel that her models take on a presence and character. She spent hours as a young child drawing her own ponies and studying her mother’s veterinary books. She was fascinated with the muscular structure of animals and believes in order to understand an animal’s form you need to understand what’s underneath the surface and how things work.

She now expresses her 3D skills and talent in a process called lost wax carving which is fast becoming a rare and old craft.



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