Summer Of Silver – 2014



Sterling Silver

What is a Hallmark?

Until 1998, a Hallmark consisted of four COMPULSORY MARKS.  Since 1998 the date letter has become optional but the other three symbols remain compulsory. The symbols give the following information:

  • who made the article (in our sample it is the London Assay Office)
  • what is its guaranteed standard of fineness (in our sample it is 925/1000 pure silver – sterling)
  • the Assay Office at which the article was tested and marked (in our sample the Leopards Head denotes London)
  • the year in which the article was tested and marked ( in our sample the lower case “p” represents 2014)

sos hero


This year 14 leading British designer/maker silversmiths will be exhibiting with us throughout June, July and August. All products are available to purchase but we do ask that leave the items with us until the end of the exhibition schedule.


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Kicking us off from 3rd June will be Rebecca Joselyn, Rachel Elizabeth Wood, Hannah Felicity Dunne, Ana Meneses and Jemma Daniels.


Followed by Samantha Moore, Charlotte Tollyfield, Kathryn Hinton and Padgham & Putland in July.


And Louise Walker, Karina Gill, Lexi Dick in August.

Victoria Coleman and Stuart Jenkins’ dates are still TBC.

Be sure to come along and visit us throughout the summer as we promise something innovative and amazing for you to look at every couple of weeks!