Tunbridge Wells High Street – Late Night Christmas Shopping Event

Great news!!!! Plans are under way to hold a special late night Christmas shopping evening for all the retailers and businesses on this wonderful High Street. 

Now we know how hard a late night down this end of town can be – especially if you are the only one open, but if we could all pull together to create an event for the whole street, we are sure that it will benefit all participants. 

The event is set for Thursday 5th of December and we are asking as many of you as possible to join us for a festive evening. 

If all shops can feature it on their websites and all their social media it will be a great help towards the advertising of this event which we would love to make an annual occurrence. If you wanted to invite your select clients or just have a general open house then that’s up to you to decide. We are hoping to get the support of the Tunbridge Wells Retail Group and hope that the Courier will also be able to support us in this venture, too. 

Posters could be made available to all businesses to display in store and in your windows. 

We are suggesting each business to be responsible for any in-house entertainment (mulled wine, champagne, canapés etc). But would also welcome all other ideas from any of you. 

If there are any volunteers who can bring something to the table – you are more than welcome.

If you know of any street vendors who would be interested in taking part please let them know but they will need to follow up any permissions required themselves. 

Also, if anyone is part of or knows a choir that may be able to come along and sing carols along the High Street that would add to the ambience of the evening. We’d rather not have too many distractions on the street itself as the main aim of the event is to get people Christmas shopping in the shops.

We wanted to close the road for a few hours to enable pedestrians to have a more comfortable experience but the red tape and forms and health and safety issues were getting unbearable. 

We hope to have a bit off a gathering in Javabean at 6pm on Wednesday 16th October to discuss any further ideas – and would be great to see as many of you there as possible, although we do understand it will be very hard getting everyone together in the one place.

As always you can post anything on the Tunbridge Wells High Street Facebook page and contact either Lucy (Jeremy Hoye), Sophie (Bod & Ted) or myself, Jo (Payne &Son) for any further enquiries. We’re thrilled at all your support so far and hope you will continue to help spread the word about the facebook page, we’re currently at 151 followers and would love to have more, so please tell your family, friends and colleagues to support us today. Make sure your neighbouring shops/businesses are aware of it too.




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