Summer Of Silver – Padgham & Putland Of Pluckley

Carl Padgham and Andrew Putland (Directors of Padgham & Putland Ltd)
design, develop & create items, from jewellery to models and hollow ware in precious metals,
specialising in Silversmithing.

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The History

‘Padgham and Putland LTD’ was established in 1984 by Carl Padgham and Andrew Putland, both graduates from Medway college of design, working from their own premises based in Pluckley in the heart of the kent countryside.


‘Padgham and Putland’ in the early years worked mainly as outworkers to the established silver trade. During this time they were able to illustrate new pieces which were of extremely high standards. Through the many years of trade, they have built up a loyal relationship with a few trade companies, private societies and individuals. They have been invited on to some exciting design and restoration projects which were through the worshipful company of Goldsmiths.

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One of the most prestigous projects that Padgham and Putland have been involved with was the Church 2000, which was commisioned by Bvlgari, the Italian jewellers. The project was to design and make fourty pieces of church plate for the Vatican, for a new church in celebration of the Millenium, the Dio Padro Misericordioso in Rome, designed by Richard Meier. On completion of the project Padgham and Putland alongside Nicola Bvlgari were lucky enough to present the work to the Pope John Paul II in the Vatican.

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Padgham & Putland range from designing pieces, to making the finished article.
They produce products in heavy gauge of material, in clean lines of design, with the use of line chasing, or shaping panels by hammer.
They also produce high detail models of clients own personal property and models of world renowned objects.

All the items in silver are of sterling standard 925, which means that the items have more than 925 parts of silver per 1000 parts in the alloy. We provide unique, bespoke and stylish designs.

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