Summer Of Silver – Rebecca Joselyn

Rebecca Joselyn


‘Packaging’ Collection

Drawing her inspiration from our hectic lifestyles of convenience and throwaway, she looks at the materials we take for granted and discard from day to day. Her Tableware questions how using different Materials can change our views on objects and there acceptance within society.


‘People’ Collection

In this collection, Rebecca plays around with obvious everyday objects, such as the simple shape of a plate or bowl; she then  incorporates castings of small-scale people to these, producing  miniature everyday scenes on life size scale everyday objects.


‘Balance’ Collection

Each piece in this collection can be moved around to allow the viewer to display the work in different ways, the interchangeable candelabra is designed to be viewed in many ways, each display changing the   entire look of the piece. Getting the balance of this right plays an   important part when designing to ensure all the candles stand straight once applied.


Summer Of Silver – Padgham & Putland Of Pluckley

Carl Padgham and Andrew Putland (Directors of Padgham & Putland Ltd)
design, develop & create items, from jewellery to models and hollow ware in precious metals,
specialising in Silversmithing.

1334053742-june 10 003

The History

‘Padgham and Putland LTD’ was established in 1984 by Carl Padgham and Andrew Putland, both graduates from Medway college of design, working from their own premises based in Pluckley in the heart of the kent countryside.


‘Padgham and Putland’ in the early years worked mainly as outworkers to the established silver trade. During this time they were able to illustrate new pieces which were of extremely high standards. Through the many years of trade, they have built up a loyal relationship with a few trade companies, private societies and individuals. They have been invited on to some exciting design and restoration projects which were through the worshipful company of Goldsmiths.

1334054246-PP 09 11 2010 013

One of the most prestigous projects that Padgham and Putland have been involved with was the Church 2000, which was commisioned by Bvlgari, the Italian jewellers. The project was to design and make fourty pieces of church plate for the Vatican, for a new church in celebration of the Millenium, the Dio Padro Misericordioso in Rome, designed by Richard Meier. On completion of the project Padgham and Putland alongside Nicola Bvlgari were lucky enough to present the work to the Pope John Paul II in the Vatican.

1334054156-PP 09 11 2010 004


Padgham & Putland range from designing pieces, to making the finished article.
They produce products in heavy gauge of material, in clean lines of design, with the use of line chasing, or shaping panels by hammer.
They also produce high detail models of clients own personal property and models of world renowned objects.

All the items in silver are of sterling standard 925, which means that the items have more than 925 parts of silver per 1000 parts in the alloy. We provide unique, bespoke and stylish designs.

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Summer Of Silver – Louise Walker – Silver Contour Collection

Payne & Son

Kicking off our Summer Of Silver Event is Louise Walker:

Louise Walker Logo

Born into a large & vibrant family, where social dining & the importance of good food has always been a large part of life, Louise’s passion for designing fun yet functional silverware has been strongly influenced by shared family life.

contour double pearl studs2

Presently her fixation plays with common designs, combining    comparable objects, then rethinking them to subtly create new interpretations. Therefore, challenging how you perceive and use her work. This can result in a new relationship between user and object, interactions between diners & elements of entertainment.

contour bangles

In Walker’s designs, functionalism meets reinterpretation, creating a    modern collection of domestic objects, expressing a visually sleek-geometric language. Her designs aim to change our behaviour and interaction with the everyday object, through exploration and enjoyment.

With a design background fixated with pushing the boundaries of functional objects, Louise’s fascination with how we view & interact with an object continues…

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Summer Of Silver – Steve Wager Demonstration

Last Friday (7th June), the people of  Tunbridge Wells were treated to an in-store demonstration from leading British designer/maker silversmith Steve Wager.


From ingot to spoon in an hour and a half, we watched Steve fashion a small block of silver into a jam spoon in front of our very eyes.


You can win the finished polished, assayed spoon if you pop in and visit us during the exhibition and fill in a prize draw slip. 


You can view images from the evening on our facebook page, and don’t forget you can follow us on twitter too @PayneandSon

It’s a dying art – so please come along and support new young artists. 

Back in the summer of 2008, British Silver Week was launched to create awareness of modern contemporary British silver ware – the best in the world. Displaying their signature pieces in an exhibition reflecting 21st Century silversmithing, events were happening across the UK. This year, The Festival of Silver will be presenting exhibitions in London, Henley, Wisley and Winchester.  Hosting their version of the selling exhibition this summer is Payne and Son Jewellers on the old High Street in  Royal Tunbridge Wells, who throughout June, July and August will be featuring exhibits of silverware from British designer/silversmiths:

Outstanding masters of their craft, this prestigious group of artists will present to you innovative design, inspiring craftsmanship, traditional skills and pure indulgence.

As this is a selling exhibition, any items purchased may be collected after the event. 

Summer Of Silver – Steve Wager Demonstration

About Steve Wager

My “smithing” days began in a shed in East London. From there I stepped up to the rather more refined environment of Crown Jewellers Aspreys (later to become Asprey-Garrards) in London’s Bond Street, where over 25 years I mastered all the skills of the “across the board” gold/silversmith/jeweller, such as chasing, box making, forging, hammering, and raising. 
SEW Ltd Gold/Silversmiths was launched in 2003. I am a Freeman of the City of London and the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths; A fellow of the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths; A fellow of the Society of Designer Craftsmen.
I love my work, whether I am crafting individually designed wedding rings, or mustering every bit of my expertise to transform the more elaborate gold/silverware imaginings of my customers into reality.
My ethos is simple: the highest level of technical expertise melded with flexibility and creativity. My creations are always unique, and always a matter of personal pride.
Over the years I have been the craftsman behind such prestigious projects as the Cricket World Cup, the Ryder Cup, trophies for the Royal Ascot races and repairs to the F A Cup! I have also created commissions for HRH the Prince of Wales and other members of the Royal Family; the Sultans of Brunei and Oman amongst other prominent clients.


As part of our Summer Of Silver Event, Steve Wager will be exhibiting with us Tuesday 13th – Saturday 17th August.

In the meantime he is kindly demonstrating “spoon bashing” in the shop with us this afternoon (Friday 7th June) where he takes a single small silver ingot and works it into a teaspoon before your very eyes. 


And here’s a reminder of the line up for the summer.