Summer Of Silver – Louise Walker – Silver Contour Collection

Kicking off our Summer Of Silver Event is Louise Walker:

Louise Walker Logo

Born into a large & vibrant family, where social dining & the importance of good food has always been a large part of life, Louise’s passion for designing fun yet functional silverware has been strongly influenced by shared family life.

contour double pearl studs2

Presently her fixation plays with common designs, combining    comparable objects, then rethinking them to subtly create new interpretations. Therefore, challenging how you perceive and use her work. This can result in a new relationship between user and object, interactions between diners & elements of entertainment.

contour bangles

In Walker’s designs, functionalism meets reinterpretation, creating a    modern collection of domestic objects, expressing a visually sleek-geometric language. Her designs aim to change our behaviour and interaction with the everyday object, through exploration and enjoyment.

With a design background fixated with pushing the boundaries of functional objects, Louise’s fascination with how we view & interact with an object continues with her exploration to adorn the body. Jewellery allows her to explore the human form & behaviour more intimately. Using her pure, linear design aesthetic Louise chooses to celebrate the body’s form, creating tactile, asymmetric landscapes. These playful lines, combined with the softness of freshwater pearls are a fresh take on contemporary jewellery.

contour pearl necklace

You will be able to more of Louise’s work in August when her silverware collection can be seen from Tuesday 20th to Saturday 31st August 2013!!!


Back in the summer of 2008, British Silver Week was launched to create awareness of modern contemporary British silver ware – the best in the world. Displaying their signature pieces in an exhibition reflecting 21st Century silversmithing, events were happening across the UK. This year, The Festival of Silver will be presenting exhibitions in London, Henley, Wisley and Winchester.                                                    

 Hosting our version of the selling exhibition this summer you will find us on the old High Street in  Royal Tunbridge Wells. Throughout June, July and August we will be featuring exhibits of silverware from British designer/silversmiths:

Louise Walker Silver Jewellery – June 3rd – 15th

Padgham & Putland of Pluckley – June 17th – 29th

Rebecca Joselyn Designs – July 1st – 13th

Charlotte Tollyfield Designs – July 15th – 27th

Ana Meneses – July 30th – August 10th

 Steve Wager – August 13th – 17th

Louise Walker Silverware – August 19th – 31st


Outstanding masters of their craft, this prestigious group of artists will present to you innovative design, inspiring craftsmanship, traditional skills and pure indulgence.

Come along to see a demonstration at the shop on Friday 7th June between 4.30pm and 6.30pm to watch Steve Wager “spoon bashing” his way from ingot to finished article in front of your eyes. ALL WELCOME!!!

As this is a selling exhibition, any items purchased may be collected after the event. 

Insurance Valuations

We can help you with Insurance Valuations – we use an external registered valuer who is a member of the Institute of Registered Valuers (IRV).
Patiricia Law has been working with us for some time now and is an independent valuer.
She visits us once a month to carry out theses valuations.
She is next with us on Saturday 1st June.
If you would like to have your items valued for insurance we would request that you bring your items in to us sometime before her next due date – don’t worry your jewellery is insured with us whilst it is on the premises, and it always remains on the premises.  If you have any supporting documentation for your items – it is always advisable to bring them with you, too.
Once Patricia has taken all the information, photographs to support the valuation and all other necessary details she needs to complete your valuation, she will draw up the documentation. You may collect your items at any time from this point on.


This is because all assessments must be verified and sometimes further research is required to find the right and best replacement value.
Fees are based on the FINAL TOTAL of the valuation. Total replacement value up to £5,000.00 will be charged at 2% + VAT, if the total replacement value comes to between £5,000.00 and £10,000.00 the charge is 1.5% + VAT, and all totals over £10,000.00 are charged at 1% + VAT.


Please be patient when waiting for your paperwork. Lead times will vary depending on how many valuations Patricia has to complete and how extensive they are. Some people just require a single piece to be listed on their insurance, others may have a whole collection of items needing evaluating. 

We can also help you with your probate valuations too. 

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