….. and a boulder opal called “The Ocean”

The bolder opal is found in South Western and Central Queensland, this beautiful variety of Opal is similar in appearance to Black Opal and forms naturally within ironstone “Boulder” which is cut to form part of the gem stone. 

The first opals were found in Lightning Ridge in 1887.

The area is so called because of its vast iron ore deposits which act as a magnet to thunderbolts during stormy weather. John Wheeler’s story as a prospector really took off when he found the richest seam of Black Opal ever found in Lightning Ridge. The stones display a deep and intense array of vibrant colours.
Opals have their own place in the history of England with Queen Victoria making them popular by wearing them and giving them as presents to her children to boost the mining industry in her new colony. Indeed Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was herself presented with a black opal necklace on her wedding day by the people of Queensland, Australia.
Furthermore, opal is the birthstone for October! Good luck is thought to be assured to all those giving and receiving black opals and who couldn’t benefit from a bit of luck?
Leisha’s collection of jewellery is all designed by Leisha herself, hand made in 18ct and 14ct yellow or white gold in Australia and then hallmarked in Edinburgh with Leisha’s own hallmark. As Leisha says, “If you hold a piece of my jewellery in your hand, you are holding a piece of Australia!”


This is Leisha’s number 2. 

Weighing an amazing 28.00 carats it is set in 187 carat yellow gold. Leisha’s signature adorns the side mount as all her signature jewellery does. The stunning colours of azure blue and deep sea green are reminiscent of the beautiful Australian waters. 


A gem quality boulder opal, the ironstone seen quite clearly on the reverse of the stone. 


Payne and Son Jewellers invite you to our next Opal Exhibition – From Thursday 26th to Saturday 28th September 2013 you are invited to come and view over 400 loose opals and opal set jewellery. Meet John Wheeler from Lightning Ridge in New South Wales who will be happy to tell you all about his exploits as a miner, and will dispel all those untruths, myths and bad luck stories that opals have gained over the years. We will also have a range of “Leisha Designs” – opal set jewellery in stock for your viewing and buying pleasure. We still have an amazing selection of opals in stock for your enjoyment, so please do come along and ask to see them. 

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